Địa chỉ Qúi Cha-ベトナム語ができる司祭

Lm P.M. Nguyễn Hữu Hiến
Catholic Meguro Church
4-6-22 Kamiosaki Shinagawa-Ku Tokyo 〒141-0021
Tel. 03-5435.8416; Fax.03-3491.6527
Pocket Tel: 090-1656-2693
Email: nrd31878@nifty.com

Giáo phận Saitama:
Lm Gioankim Nguyễn Quốc Định
Cell: 090-8746.1944; Email: gktanik@gmail.com;

Lm Gioan Baotixita Nguyễn Quốc Toản
Catholic Takasaki Church
16 Takamatsu-Cho, Takasaki-Shi, Gunma-Ken 〒370-0829
Tel: 0273-22.6243; Email : Toan1216@yahoo.co.jp

Lm Gioan Baotixita Nguyễn Quang Thuận
Catholic Kamifukuoka Church
1-11-23 Kamifukuoka, Kamifukuoka-Shi, Saitama-Ken 〒356-0004
Tel : 049-261.3629; Email: asukathuan@yahoo,co.jp

Giáo phận Tokyo:
Lm Giuse Ngô Quang Định
Catholic Narashino Church
1385-2 Nagasaku-Cho, Hanamigawa-Ku, Chiba-Shi, Chiba-Ken 〒262-0044
Tel. 043-216.0035; Email: nqdinh@vesta.dti.ne.jp

Lm GB Phan Đức Định SJ
Jesuit Scholasticate
Wakamiya 2-60-21; Nakano-Ku, Tokyo 〒165-0033
Cell: 070-3287.5715; Email: jbdinhsj@gmail.com

Lm P.M. Nguyễn Hữu Hiến
Catholic Meguro Church
4-6-22Kamiosaki Shinagawa-Ku,Tokyo〒141-0021
Tel. 03-5435.8416; Fax.03-3491.6527;
Cell: 090-1656-2693;Email: nrd31878@nifty.com

Lm Gioan Đàm Xuân Lộ
Maryknoll Kai
6-2 Kioi-Cho, Chiyoda-Ku; Tokyo 〒102-0094
Tel. 03-3261.7283 – Cell. 070-2157.1059;
Email: damxlo@yahoo.com

Lm Micaer Nguyễn Minh Lập SDB
Salesian Seminary
3-21-12 Fujimi-Cho, Chofu-Shi, Tokyo 〒182-0033
Tel.042-482.3117; Fax.042-489.7645
Email: mi_nobito@yahoo.co.jp

Lm Joseph Nguyễn Thanh Nhã SJ
Jesuit Scholasticate
Wakamiya 2-60-21; Nakano-Ku, Tokyo 〒165-0033
Tel. 03-5356.9871; Email: josephnhasj@gmail.com

Lm Phanxicô Xavie Từ Đăng Phúc SVD
Catholic Kichijoji Church
1-7-8 Gotenyama, Musashino-Shi, Tokyo 〒180-0005
Tel. 0422-44-0181; Email: tudangphuc@yahoo.com

Lm Gioankim Nguyễn Xuân Tiến SC
Catholic Goi Church
2430 Goi, Ichihara-Shi, Chiba-Ken 〒290-0081
Tel.043-621.3830; Cell. 080-5098.6818;
Email: tienssc@hotmail.com

Giáo phận Yokohama:
Lm Giuse Đoàn Tận Hiến, SDB
Catholic Hamamatsu Church
2662 Tomitsuka-Cho, Naka-Ku,Hamamatsu-Shi, Shizuoka-Ken 〒432-8002
Tel. 053-474.3314; Mobile: 090-6644.2405;
Email: misericodiae2016@gmail.com

Lm Phanxicô Xavie Phạm Đình Sơn
Catholic Atsugi Church
2-7-11 Asahi-Cho, Atsugi-Shi, Kanagawa-Ken 〒243-0014
Tel. 046-228.4164; email: phamdson@gmail.com

Lm Gioan Baotixita Mai Tâm
Catholic Ninomiya Church
88 Ninomiya Machi, Naka-Gun, Ninomiya-Shi, Kanagawa-Ken 〒259-0123
Tel. 0463-71-0300; Fax: 0463-71-2939
Cell.080-4275-5293; Email: jbmaitam@yahoo.com

Lm Phaolô Hà Minh Tú
Catholic Nakahara Church
17-3 Imaiminami-Cho, Nakahara-Ku, Kawasaki-Ku, Kanagawa-Ken 〒211-0064
Tel. 044-722.6060; mobile: 080-6628.1976
Email: pbaoloc@gmail.com

Lm Đaminh Nguyễn Cao Trí
Catholic Togetsu Church
6 Goshoyama-Cho, Nishi-Ku, Yokohama-Shi 〒 220-0043
Tel. 045-231-9220; Cell: 080-4338-1977
Email: caotri77@yahoo.com

Giáo phận Nagoya:
Lm Phêrô Hoàng Minh Mẫn SVD
Catholic Gotanjou Church
27 Futase-Cho, Nakamura-Ku
Nagoya-Shi, Aichi-Ken 〒453-0837
Tel. 052-412.3456; Pocket tel. 090-6573-1666;
Email: manhoang@nifty.com

Lm AntônVũ Khánh Tường SVD
Catholic Tajimi Church
38 Midorigaoka, Tajimi-Shi, Gifu-Ken 〒507-0021
Tel: 0572-22-1583; Cell: 090-4262-4345
Email: vktuongsvd@yahoo.com

Giáo phận Kyoto:
Lm Antôn Bùi Duy Thủy SDB
Yokkaichi Salesio Shigan In
1-8-26 Oiwake, Yokkaichi-Shi. Mie-Ken 〒510-0882
Tel. 059-345-5609; Cell: 090-9171-1193;
Email: takeibuisdb@gmail.com

Giáo phận Osaka:
Lm Đaminh Lưu Vĩnh Cửu
Catholic Kinokawa Church
160-1 Nakamitani, Kinokawa-shi, Wakayama-ken. 〒649-6434.

Lm Emmanuel Trần Văn Bỉnh OFMConv
Catholic Nigawa Church
4-2-11 Danjo-Cho Nishinomiya-Shi, Hyogo-Ken 〒663-8006;
Tel.0798-51-0176; Fax. 0798-51.9863; cell. 080-3399.6467
Email: fr_vanbinh@yahoo.co.jp

Lm Giuse Trương Đình Hải
Catholic Aioi Church
17-1 Sakaemachi; Aioi-Shi, Hyogo-Ken 〒678-0008
Tel. 0791-22-0087; Email: johaisvd@yahoo.com

Lm Phêrô Hoàng Đức Lợi
Catholic Mizushima Church
2-17-36 Kitase, Kurashiki-Shi, Okayama-Ken 〒712-8032
Tel. 086-455-5718; Cell: 090-9969-2478
Email: prhdloi2002@gmail.com

Lm Gioan Baotixita Nguyễn Sinh Sắc
Catholic Shukugawa Church
5-40 Kasumicho, Nishinomiya-Shi; Hyogo-Ken 〒662-0052,
Tel. 0798-22.1649; Cell: 090-7108.5632;
Email: sinhsac2003@yahoo.com

Lm Đaminh Nguyễn Quốc Thuần
Catholic Fuse Church
1-10-10 Eiwa Higashi-Osaka; Osaka 〒577-0809
Tel.080-2459.5381. Email: domthuan@gmail.com

Lm Đaminh Cao Sơn Thân SJ
Rokko Catholic Church
3-1-21 Akamatsu-Cho, Nada-Ku, Kobe-Shi, Hyogo-ken 〒657-0061
Cell. 090-3849.7087; email: takasinsgjp@yahoo.co.jp

Giáo phận Hiroshima:
Lm Gioan Nguyễn Quang Thuần
Catholic Higashi Hiroshima Church
5-5-1 Takamigaoka, Takaya
Higashi Hiroshima-Shi, Hiroshima-Ken 〒739-2115
Tel. 082-439-0520; mobile: 090-4109-9005;
Email: kojunjohn@yahoo.com.au

Giáo phận Takamatsu:
Lm Giuse Ngô Văn Thành
Catholic Uwajima Church
1-4-16 Marunouchi, Uwajima-Shi, Ehime-Ken 〒798-0060
Tel. 0895-24-4850; Cell: 090-9693-9592;
Email: josephthanh.ngo@gmail.com

Giáo phận Nagasaki:
Lm Phêrô Trần Đức Điềm SVD
Catholic Nishimachi Church
9-34 Otonashimachi, Nagasaki-Shi 〒852-8044
Tel. 0958-44-5755; Cell: 080-4849-5408
Email: ducdiem2001@yahoo.com

Giáo phận Oita:
Lm Phêrô Phạm Hoàng Trinh
Catholic Nichinan Church
2-4-1 Kiyama, Nichinan-Shi, Miyazaki-Ken 〒887-0013
Tel & Fx: 0987-22-3006. Cell: 090-6594-9899;
email: maranathapeter@yahoo.com

Giáo phận Kagoshima:
Lm Phaolô Phạm Minh Anh
Catholic Aira Church;
2668 Hagashimochida, Aira-Shi, Kagoshima-Ken,〒899-5421
Tel. 099-566.3256; Mobile: 090-9560.1705;
Email: paul_scs@yahoo.com

Lm Gabriel Dương Văn Quốc Tiến
Catholic Koshuku Church
992 Koshuku machi, Naze, Amami-Shi, Kagoshima-Ken,〒894-0046
Tel/Fax 0997-54-8134, cell. 090-6864.8421;
Email: gabrielquoctien@yahoo.com
Lm Giuse Nguyễn Hồng Tâm
Catholic Daikuma Church
21-1 Daikuma Machi, Naze Amami-Shi, Kagoshima-Ken 〒894-0009
Tel. 0997-54-3216; Cell. 090-5923.9339;
Email: nguyentam776@yahoo.com

Giáo phận Naha:
Lm Peter Chanel Phạm Văn Chế
Catholic Gushikawa Church
58 Kiyabu, Uruma Shi, Okinawa, Japan 〒904-2225
Tel: 098-974-3643;
Email: peterchanelche70@yahoo.com

Lm Giuse Bùi Đức Dũng
Catholic Nago Church
2-1-20 Onishi, Nago-Shi, Okinawa-Ken 〒905-0018
Tel. 0980-52.2241; mobile: 080-3995.1909,
Email: ducdung77@yahoo.com

Lm Gioankim Phan Đình Hoài
Catholic Koza Church
1-4-1 Kamara, Okinawa-Shi 〒904-0005
Tel. 098-937.7064; cell. 080-3966.4430,
Email: joachimhoai@yahoo.com

Lm Bosco Dương Trung Tín
Catholic Awase Church
1-5-1 Tobaru; Okinawa-Shi 〒904-2164
Tel. 098-937.3598 hoặc: 090-6864.3244;
Email: bosco.tudohanhphuc@yahoo.com

Lm Phanxicô Xavie Nguyễn Đức Tiến
Kainan Catholic Church
1-13-10 Higawa; Naha-Shi, Okinawa-Ken 〒900-0022
Tel. 098-832-3037; Mobile: 090-9652.1309
Email: ductien76@yahoo.com

Lm Micae Nguyễn Xuân Vinh
Catholic Shuri Church
4-60 Shurisakiyama-Cho, Naha-Shi, Okinawa-Ken 〒903-0814
Tel. 098-884.4787, Mobile: 080-3963.1979;
Email: glory200679@yahoo.com

Công tác nước ngoài:
Lm Phanxicô Xavie Trần Văn Hoài OFMConv
Email: fxhoai@yahoo.com

Lm Bernard Phạm Hữu Quang pss
Email: phamquang9@yahoo.com


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